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Currently working at PAI in Columbia.

I am a computer programmer living in the Columbia area. I am currently performing client / server application programming and software system administration work. In the past I have also done applications and systems work on mainframes. My 38-year work experience has been on client / server architectures, UNIX and VMS minicomputers, and IBM mainframes.

I grew up in Columbia and attended the University of South Carolina, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in management science. I first worked in Spartanburg and then West Palm Beach, Florida before moving back to South Carolina. I lived in Charleston for four years previous to returning to my hometown.

Currently I am involved in applications programming. My client / server experience includes Visual Basic, Access, the Oracle SQL database system, C, VMS, Unix, and Microsoft Windows. I have also done work with the Internet, including Internet Explorer, email systems, and FTP. My mainframe areas of expertise include Cobol, IMS, DB2, CICS, VSAM, ISPF dialogs, APS, Endevor, Expediter, PL/I, SAS, REXX, CLIST language, and JCL. I also have experience working with 370 Assembler, the VM operating system, RACF, ACF/2, EasyTrieve, and a number of other products. I have specialized in SMPE and installing software packages in my systems programming career. I also administered CICS and Librarian. In my UNIX work, I have become proficient with most of the UNIX utilities, including awk, sed, vi, and the Korn shell language.

At home, I have a Windows-based personal computer, and have become familiar with Windows, Excel, Word, and many other packages. I also run my own web site (

PAI (Planned Administrators, Inc.), 2001 - present. Data manipulation and reporting with Visual Basic and Access, some Unix administration, and management of the TriZetto RIMS health insurance processing system.

AgFirst (contract through DP Professionals), June 2000 - Nov. 2000. Worked on converting existing personnel systems to Lawson software. Worked with Access and the Lawson product line on the PC side, and some mainframe Cobol programming.

Westinghouse Electric, May 1999 - May 2000. Also a contract assignment (through SystemTec). A mix of applications work (client / server with Visual Basic, Access, Oracle, and Internet Explorer intranet work), and some systems maintenance work on the mainframe.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of S.C., 1997-1999. I worked as a contract programmer here (contracting company is CEP), doing mostly maintenance work on the existing insurance software systems. BCBS uses IBM mainframes, APS, CICS, IMS, DB2, Endevor, Expediter, MAX/VSAM, and ISPF.

Systems and Computer Technology, 1992-1997. Worked heavily with the Oracle database system in both standalone and client-server mode. Utilized SQL and Oracle Forms. Also wrote a good deal of C code, interfacing with the databases. The operating systems used were VMS, Unix, and Microsoft Windows. Also performed work with the Internet, installing and utilizing such tools as Netscape, FTP, Telnet, audio and video viewers, and many others (this was back in the early 90's; I introduced the World Wide Web to the company). This company sells a suite of software for utility companies.

Policy Management Systems Corporation, 1989-1992. Spent three years as a lead programmer analyst, working with life insurance systems and leading project teams. I used Cobol, VSAM, CICS and DB2 technology and tools such as Expediter and File-Aid. I also utilized PC products, including MS/DOS, WordPerfect, Windows, and 3270 emulation.

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, 1985-1989. My primary responsibilities were systems programming on an IBM mainframe. I installed products (using SMPE and otherwise), wrote numerous productivity aids as ISPF dialogs, and did some SAS programming for performance analysis. I was responsible for products such as ISPF, TSO/E, Librarian, and PL/I, and was in charge of CICS system administration. This was a small shop, and I also dabbled in other mainframe areas as well.
In addition, I was involved in a large applications project that used the Oracle database system (primarily the SQL component), and, since it ran under UNIX, many UNIX tools, such as awk, sed, vi, and the shell programming language.

Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, West Palm Beach, Fl., 1981-85. Worked first two years as a programmer analyst on simulation and inquiry systems in Cobol and VSAM. For the latter two years, worked in systems programming, primarily using SMPE to install software components on an IBM MVS/XA system. I also wrote an ISPF dialog application.

Milliken and Company (textiles), Spartanburg, SC, 1978-81. Promoted from trainee to programmer analyst, working on inventory and personnel systems in Cobol, PL/I, and IMS batch. Studied structured programming and design (Yourdan, etc.) here.


University of South Carolina, B. S. degree in Management Science, 1975-78. Graduated summa cum laude, GPR of 4.00.

57 years old married white male. My hobbies include listening to music and radio communications, swimming, photography, and my personal computer.

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